This patient desired to close the gaps between his front teeth. He is a young man and there was no desire or need to crown his teeth which would result in reducing solid tooth structure. Additionally, he did not want to have braces to close the spaces. We accomplished a complete smile”makeover” without reducing any of his actual tooth structure. The “additive” procedure was made possible utilizing improved “bonding” techniques with state-of­-the-art resin materials.

The improvements were made in ONE appointment. Of course, we had follow­ ups to refine any concerns that we became aware of after the initial appointment. One of the advantages of resin materials in dentistry is that they can be easily modified after placement in the mouth. If you have spaces between your teeth that you would like to close or small teeth that you would like to enlarge co fill in your smile better, resin bonding may be the answer for you and the next step in giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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smile design.